• fix tagging to work with classes combined with cythonized decorators


  • fix tagging to work with classes
  • fix $ htf docs
  • fix htf.skipIf() to support bound methods
  • update to hlm-0.18.0 to support remote activation
  • update to oser-1.2.2
  • fix typos


  • add support for Python 3.7
  • fix some internal bugs
  • improve internal build process with Docker
  • update to oser-1.2.0
  • update to hlm-0.17.0
  • update dependencies
  • improve internal build process with Docker



  • update to hlm-0.18.0 to support remote activation
  • update to oser-1.1.8


  • update to hlm-0.15.0
  • update to oser-1.1.6



  • update to hlm-0.12.0 to fix the bug that some usb-sticks changed the host id
  • update to oser-1.1.5 to fix the bug that some usb-sticks changed the host id
  • wheels for Linux are delivered as manylinux-wheels and can be run on must linux distributions
  • fix some typing errors


  • added the HART — The HART Testing Framework feature, documentation and examples that allows
    • automatable tests for HART slaves
    • simulate HART slaves and HART masters
    • add device specific commands
    • develop and debug a HART slave interactively using the HART-Shell
    • monitor HART messages using the HART-Monitor
    • send corrupted frames and
    • run HART fuzzing communication tests
  • added support for HILSTER IO hardware that lets you easily access input/output hardware from within your tests
  • added support for Arduino that lets you easily access Arduino hardware
  • added support for Python 3.6
  • added the htf.communication.SlipMixin
  • added the interactive htf.util.OserPrompt


  • fixed failfast option for htf and htf.main
  • fixed a bug in DAQmx that it can be run on machines using Windows 10 64-bit


  • fixed bugs with DAQmx and Python 3.5.



  • MetaData and Keywords may be fed with bytes
  • fixed a possible UnicodeDecodeError in Python 2.7 for AssertionError with unicode messages
  • updated to hlm~=0.10.3
  • updated to oser~=1.0.1
  • fixes in docs


  • added htf.main to run test from python scripts, , see htf.main() — Testscript utility
  • added htf command-line-utility, see htf — Command line utility
  • added bash-completion for htf, see Bash-completion
  • added htf.communication.SSHClient
  • added htf.communication.SFTPClient
  • added Python 3.5 support
  • support for Python 2.7 and Python 3.5 using the same code base
  • included documentation in the wheel (run htf docs from commandline)
  • updated hlm to use the new license version (enabling features, banners, etc.)
  • simplified import strings
  • improved continuous integration for htf
  • implemented continuous delivery for htf updates
  • improved Jenkins use cases, see Jenkins
  • added pure python wrappers where needed
  • htf.DOORSTestReport can link to different modules depending on the link’s name
  • better pep8 compatibility
  • license information are included in generated test reports
  • added htf.__version_info__ (tuple) to compare the version against a required one
  • using hilster_theme-0.9 in docs
  • oser-1.0.0 is installed as a dependency
  • added close methods to all DAQmx abstractors


  • added htf.arduino.ArduinoNanoAnalogOutput to generate pwm-based analog output voltages




  • htf.HTMLTestReport has buttons to select STDOUT and STDERR for later analysis
  • new decorator timed() to ensure a test or method ends within a given time limit
  • new decorator raises() to catch different exceptions so a test does not fail if a specific exception is raised
  • white logo in documentation
  • documentations of htf.daqmx.core and htf.daqmx.Task are linked to homepage
  • added a DOORS test report htf.DOORSTestReport


  • bug fixes




  • stderr and stdout are captured in htf.HTMLTestReport
  • htf.HTMLTestReport uses stdout and stderr with a popup
  • test steps can be used with a context block and are automatically put into the documentation for a test
  • test reports can be customized more easily
  • htf.TestRunner supports more test reports in different format

htf-0.1.0 .. htf-0.4.0:

  • implementation of all contents